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Twink Peaks Part 1 is a great fantasy gay porno movie starring all exclusive star to MEN network, Noah Jones, with Russian sex god, Vadim Black. It has been filmed by the “MEN dot com” and is the latest hardcore movie to be released by Drill My Hole.

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Noah Jones has a handsome and sweet young face both at the same time. He not only looks like the captain of a college football team, he loves playing football.
He likes to keep busy with outdoor games, and loves to have sex where ever he can. He has a smooth lean body, brown hair and sexy blue eyes. Noah is five feet eleven inches tall, and he is a top with a seven and a half inch cut man toy, plus, he is an all exclusive star to
Noah has starred in twelve hardcore gay movies for so far, and in his last movie, he was in an amazing threesome with Jackson Grant and Will Braun called ‘Textual relations Part 3.’
Noah Jones | Vadim Black
Vadim Black is a sexy Russian pornstar who has men and women running after him. In real life, Vadim is straight, but by the looks on his face as he gets his tight ass drilled hard, he loves every minute of it; this is not acting, this is for real.
Vadim has a well-defined hairy body with a few tattoos. He has a handsome and cute face, and he has jet black hair, beautiful green eyes, and he is versatile with a six-and-a-half-inch uncut man toll.
Vadim has starred in 25 hardcore movies for, and his last movie, which was released in May 5th, sees him getting his sweet ass drilled by Cliff Jensen, in ‘Polyamor-Ass Part 1.’

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The skies are blue, and as Noah Jones and Vadim Black lean back into each other’s arms outside, they look over the mountain tops of Twink Peaks. Vadim rubs Noah’s shoulders lovingly as Noah asks him how would he drill his ass. Vadim tells him he would go fast to begin with, and then even faster until they both bust. They kiss each other, and Noah tells Vadim that he wants to be drilled now. They pack their things up, and as they walk back to their holiday apartment, they embrace, and kiss with more passion than before.

As they enter their room, Noah lies on his back on the bed and Vadim lies over him as they carry on kissing. Their hands are all over each other, and it doesn’t take long before Vadim has got a hold of Noah’s hard man toll in the palm of his hand. He kisses Noah’s naked body all the way down. As soon as he gets between Noah’s legs, he kisses and licks his big heavy balls all over, then he takes it into his mouth and starts sucking on it. Noah groans out with excitement as Vadim continues sucking and stroking on his man toll.

With Noah on his back, Vadim stands up, and crouches down over Noah’s now dripping wet condom covered man toll. His eyes clench tight as he impales his ass down on to Noah’s man toll until he feels his balls right against his stuffed hole. Vadim moves up and down, and as the camera zooms in close, we get a good view of his hairy ass being drilled slow and steady.

Noah Jones then spoons his man toll into Vadim Black, drills him for a while, and then he drills him with his legs up in the air in the missionary position. As Vadim gets his ass drilled deep and hard, his man toll pulsates, and creamy thick cum shoots out over his hairy body. Noah pulls his man toll out from that beautiful tight hole, and his cum mixes in with Vadim’s.

As they sleep at night next to each other, Noah has a bad feeling. He gets up, puts his clothes on, and runs away as fast as he can. (To be continued…)

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